Sassetta/Osservanza Master- The Meeting of St. Anthony and St. Paul. Although he painted in the traditional style of Sienna certain elements of the decorative Gothic style show.

Masaccio the Florentine painter is credited as being influential in ways regarding realism. Although there was advancements and innovations at the time in painting, Sasetta carried on the tradition of sienna and in a way stuck with what was sacred rather than following the trends of the time.

I have only seen images of his painting in books and on a computer screen, hopefully soon i will get to travel and see the originals first hand but for now books will have to do.
One of my favorite paintings is St.Anthony in the Desert. Painted with Tempera and gold on wood.

It measures 47.6 x 34.6 cm and was painted in 1435. This panel is part of a cycle of scenes depicting the life of the hermit Saint Anthony. It was originally part of a series of eight panels. Originally in the bottom left of the painting there was a glimmering pot of gold that has been scraped away at some period in time of the painting life, the gold symbolizing worldly goods.

This painting is a great inspiration in terms of composition, style and overall harmony.