Drawing is my first love and echos through all my creative processes from oil painting to woodcut printing. For me drawing is the divine foundation on which all creative endeavours are built. The whole history of art affects the work I create from cave painting right up to comic books.

The ancient mythology of the world as well as medieval alchemy are areas that I would draw influence from as they deal with the imagination and speaking of imagination the visionary artist. William Blake is one of my favorite artists and speaking of William Blake brings to mind Jack Kirby who is a also great source of inspiration.


Finishing my first illustrated book in 2014 “The Origin of The First Fairy”, currently I am working on book two (there will be three books in total). My three children feature in the book as the main characters. Lately I find myself gravitating towards book illustration, the combination of text and image together is a very powerful creative force but I also love the text or the image on their own too.

In the blog section I will be posting about the artists that inspire and make me get out of bed to work, also about the latest projects I will be working on and personal work.


Thank you, and I hope you enjoy browsing my website!